Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare in the Park

It was the hottest night of the year, and the relief provided by the occasional cool breeze was fleeting at best, but I made up my mind to accept it, especially once the sweat stopped dripping, and in the end, it was amazing to be back in the Delacorte, seeing a full production starring a certified legend and a graceful up-and-comer, uninterrupted by rain or too many sounds from the busy streets. The gentle but persistent heat, the well-staged lighting, the brooding atmospheric music, the basin of water at the center of the stage in the second half, all added up to an enveloping feeling I loved, being outside in summer participating in one of those communal activities that makes the city great. And it was free.

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ladaisi said...

I love how you've taken one of your experiences and written it like a mini-scene for a book. Thanks for sharing!