Sunday, March 08, 2009

Economy-resistant moments

Now more than ever, it's time to find "value" in life that isn't easy to quantify or reduce to a factor of the massive global (faltering) economy. This is something of a challenge, especially when you work at a place where almost every in-depth story needs to be "trade-able" or its chances of seeing the light of day are slim. So, with a spirit of the grassroots rebel, find moments for which you can't buy a credit-default swap. Now, I'm sure you could play devil's advocate and find something to trade on these ideas. I don't care. To me these feel economy-resistant: Opening a gift bottle of wine that's been sitting on your microwave and realizing that it tastes better than the previous one. Smelling that hard-to-define yet instantly recognizable whiff of natural fragrance that's entwined with memories of warm weather on a warm Saturday. Seeing the skyline from a less-famous angle on the walkway of the GW Bridge. Meeting a friend on a street corner. Getting an autograph at the stage door from three famous stars. Shedding tears at the end of a touching television show. Chatting on the phone about the issues of the day with the people who really matter. Sharing a kiss before parting. Wishing peace to a stranger. Singing in four-part harmony, accompanied by upright bass, guitar and piano. Slipping a few folded windfall bills into a box and lighting a candle. Registering a pain-free breath and a clear-eyed view.

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