Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RIP Sharp QT-CD44 (1990-2008)

Like a beloved pet that lived far longer than its usual life expectancy, my old trusty Sharp CD boom box ("QT-CD44 stereo radio cassette recorder with compact disc player") kept hanging on through the 2000s, even as the term "mix tape" become horribly outdated. It was my first ever CD player, circa 1990, and so I had a fondness for it. But lately, it just hasn't been the same anymore. In its final years, I had to start any disc spinning by hand (no joke!), then slam the lid shut and press play in order to have any hope of hearing the music. Then that part broke and I used it mainly for listening to the radio in the kitchen. Now, it's not even doing that. Time to say goodbye to what's probably been my longest continually running piece of electronics. You've served me well.

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Melissa said...

I;m so proud of you! It's akin to flushing your goldfish down the toilet to the great ocean beyond, or sending your child off to college. You've enjoyed and nurtured it, gave it what it wanted (more tunes!), nursed it to health when sick, and now it's time to let go. You are lovingly sending your 18 year old out into the world of dumpsters, rats, and rotten banana peels. What are you going to do now, as an empty nester?