Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mach schnell, get on da bus!

Check out the new Benz! My ride this evening across 86. OK, so this model is actually 11 years old. That's nothing in means-of-public-transit years. And hey, it took the Smart car about the same time to get here as well, so maybe it's a European thing. The MTA's testing the Mercedes Citaro bus on the streets of Manhattan and the Bronx through mid-May. I enjoyed the ride. It's sleek and quiet and the (many) doors open and close with finesse. My fellow passengers and I couldn't help talking about it. Most of the interior lettering is in German ("WAGEN HALT" where we'd normally find the stop request sign), except for the red STOP buttons on the poles, strangely. Here's hoping the bus passes with flying colors, and we see more of them pop up around town.

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