Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quick hits

Another 12-hour day has taken it out of me, but the yen to blog is hard to resist. Thus a few quick hits.

-The restaurant Le Cirque: Thumbs up, if you don't have to be the one paying. The food is good, the space is light and airy, and the stuffiness is bearable. First time I've actually eaten there since attending the opening party a few years ago.
-The soon-to-be-released book Slackonomics: Thumbs up, even if you're not actually a Gen X'er. (I'm sort of on the cusp by some definitions). Trenchant and amusing portrait of an underappreciated generation.
-The old book Liar's Poker: In a roundabout way, the most convincing reason yet for why I didn't join a fraternity - or anything like one.
-The somewhat new movie Married Life: Didn't know a thing about it when I noticed it was playing at the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, except that Patricia Clarkson was in it, and I have yet to see a film starring her that I didn't like. Turned out to be a lightly satisfying hybrid of '50s period piece, understated thriller and comedy of manners, all with a respectable cast of some big names (Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Rachel McAdams). I'm glad I was ignorant of its middling score on Rotten Tomatoes, as it might've prevented me from liking it as much as I did. (I'm so easily swayed by that site sometimes.)

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Sarah said...

I almost saw 'Married Life' when I was in SF a few weeks ago but I ended up seeing something different because of the reviews. Good to know that is worthwhile. I'll check it out if it is still playing.

Also, have you tried the sweet empanadas at Lime Jungle (in your post below)? They are amazing!