Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park

I had a wonderful partly sunny and very warm meal outside on the patio at the New Leaf Cafe, one of my favorite brunch places, this morning with M. and her parents, and it turns out the $18.95 prix fixe entrees included coffee, juice and a celebrity sighting. Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts and family - apparently - were sitting two tables away, wearing their we're-famous sunglasses. Granted, it was bright out there, and M. and I were wearing our we're-not-famous sunglasses, too, so it wasn't totally out of the ordinary. The nanny - or assistant or whoever that second woman with her was - wasn't wearing any shades. I chose the sunny seat at the table, and ended up having my back to "Julia" the whole time, who was facing the hedge, so I didn't get a good look. But my own table mates insisted it was her. The guy she was with looked more to me like Benjamin Bratt or Clive Owen with his sunglasses on, but then again, I haven't been reading nearly enough celebrity rags since I don't go to physical therapy three times a week anymore, so it might have just as well been her "cameraman husband Danny Moder." So don't start any nasty rumors on account of me.

There were three or four kids at the table as well, all a lot more well behaved than the ones on the subway at midnight last night, during what I've taken to calling "third rush hour." The first two rush hours on the subways are obvious; the last one starts around 10 and extends until about 1 on weeknights, later on weekends. People coming home from or heading out to evening activities.

The park itself is starting to show signs of life here and there. And while it felt a little damp, the rain held off. The wait staff at New Leaf were wearing baseball caps emblazoned with MillionTreesNYC, the city's initiative to plant and care for a million trees in the next decade.

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