Monday, April 14, 2008

Gelato/getting there the old fashioned way

The lines to get into certain New York novelties or institutions is enough to make you wonder sometimes whether they're giving something away for free. In the case of the second NYC (and first downtown) location of Grom, the Italian gelato purveyor, the answer was actually yes on Saturday. Having seen the kind of frenzy people get into over places like Pinkberry of late, it took me a while - enjoying the waning nice weather in newly renovated Father Demo Square - to realize that there were actually free cups on offer. I decided to actually wait in the crazy line since I had some time to kill before heading over to Fat Cat - which is a lot bigger than you'd imagine downstairs - for birthday drinks. The lemon and strawberry sorbet was pretty good, but I don't know how often I'd run back to pay $4.75 for a small.

A few spoonfuls in, a girl in going-out mode approached me at the corner of Bleecker and Carmine to ask where Greenwich Avenue was. I told her it was about six blocks north of where we were, which turned out to be a pretty decent snap estimate. She looked at me as if I'd just told her she was in the wrong borough entirely, and proceeded to yell to her friends that they needed to get a cab. Now, I've never walked around in heels, but really. At the speed that the Saturday night traffic was going, they probably could've walked there faster.

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