Saturday, April 05, 2008

Freudian slip, condo edition

There's a new condo going up in the neighborhood: 4469 Broadway at 192nd Street. Top of Washington Heights, near the Fort George Post Office. It's going to have 63 units as well as retail, parking and something dubbed a "community facility," all on the former site of a car wash that the area's two nightclubs had been using as a rocky parking lot lately. It's being done by some outfit called Jackson Builders LLC of Floral Park, NY. Somehow I doubt this is another Robert A.M. Stern job. No rendering to share, alas, but there was a letter from the project manager posted that, in part, read:
We understand the inconvenience of having a construction site next to the area where you live and work, and promise to make every effort to make this process as inconvenient as possible.
Um, yeah. Luckily, I haven't been awoken by any construction noise yet, knock on the wooden plaque full of city building permits.

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Anonymous said...

look under Condos and is the last one all the way to the right.