Sunday, March 30, 2008

Priceless (Hors de prix)

The latest Audrey Tautou movie to arrive stateside, and probably her best since A Very Long Engagement, Priceless is basically Breakfast at Tiffany's with subtitles, though less sullen, thanks to a healthy dose of French Riviera sunshine. No pathetic looking cats or rainy mean reds - not that those things don't have their time and place. Which isn't to say that this little cinematic fantasy merely flits across the surface or fails to pull you into the characters' hearts. We saw it last night at Union Square and loved it - a great date movie, if you're looking for one. And at $12, it's still cheaper than flying to Nice or shopping at Chanel. (And on top of that, our initial concerns about a loudmouth pair of moviegoers in our row turned out to be premature as they quieted down once the opening credits started to roll. Yea for civility!) Of course, the problem with seeing all that luxury makes you crave a bit of it, so we headed up the street to the W's Underbar. Not a place I'd visit on a regular basis, or really recommend, but it was the closest hotel bar I could think of where we could enjoy some flutes of champagne, as a nightcap that dovetailed with the movie.

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