Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fort Tryon Tower

The on-again, off-again residential tower project for that cliffside corner of West 184th Street and Overlook Terrace, by the lower entrance to the 181st Street A station, appears to be on again. I walked by with coffee in hand today, and I probably should've taken a picture, but there's construction fencing up, heavy machinery on site, and permits and such posted all around. Fort Tryon Tower LLC is apparently rattling the neighborhood -- literally and figuratively -- from the sound of the gripes on local message boards. And along with it comes the obligatory Hudson Heights vs. Washington Heights debate. There's a rough timetable posted at the site that says it'll be done by mid 2009, which seems like a long time, but it isn't exactly your typical bit of land. (It's also been an interesting opportunity to read people's comments. Like this one, circa 3/18/06: 'Who's this "Jeremy" that wrote this bogus article? Next he'll tell us there actually are WMD, just hidden from everyone, delusional as W. Maybe he should write for The Onion?' Not exactly sure what was wrong about that item, but hey, that's the joy of free commenting.) The project's purported website looks like it's stalled in the early stages. Here's hoping that doesn't happen to the actual site.

UPDATE: Click through to Portfolio and Multifamily on Gertler & Wente Architects' website to see another pic of the tower, but little else.


N. said...

I used to live on that beloved street. I can't find the DOB listing - what is the address?

Jeremy said...

29 overlook terrace

Anonymous said...

I live across the st from the the construction, and its indicative of how while NYC has very progressive noise ordinances, they aren't enforced.

Construction noise isn't allowed to go over 10db over ambient (it's 10-20 here within my building, based on a musician noise meter)

There are supposed to be noise mitigation measures (such as sound barriers, which they did put up), but those mitigation measures do nothing if you're machinery is above them.

If one can build their schedule around the construction (make sure to get up around 7, come home after 5-6), it doesn't really impact one's life beyond them taking up half the A tunnel (why the MTA is allowed to rent out their property like that is beyond me, and rumor is that they might close the entire tunnel down). With that said, if you're a student or elderly person living in this area right now, it's not a healthy place to live.

Anonymous said...

8/22/08: I live feet away from where the new Bennett condo/rental building is being built and it looks like money problems. It's really a shame this was a wonderful tree lined slope and now an ugly hole in the ground and we lost our sidewalk in the process.

Has new construction slowed in other parts of the city as well?

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that the city allows for a work site to be left in this kind of disaster condition. I saw engineers on site talking about the building on stilts and how dangerous it was. They said it needed to be braced immediately to stop a collpse. Where is the justice here? Does someone need to be hurt to get the attention of the city?

Anonymous said...

Construction seems to be at a stand still so now we have an ugly hole in the ground and barriers to the subway entrance. Has the weakening real estate market finally forced the financing of this project to end? I would assume any new condo units would sell for at least 400K+ and with unemployment rising and banks not lending money I fear an ugly hole for years to come. Now residents only have memories of a once beautiful wooded slope that made this corner of the neighborhood special.