Thursday, October 11, 2007

The end of summer (weather)

Those of us wishing that summer wouldn't end sure got our wish this year, for better or worse. It lasted right through September and into the beginning of October. There was something slightly surreal about sweating our way around a fall festival with Christmas crafts and rows upon rows of candles in full array this past weekend. Still, what a treat to be able to swim outside many weeks after Labor Day. Dipping into landlocked freshwater still hasn't lost its novelty for me, so used to pools and the Atlantic of Jersey. This summer, it was Walden Pond in Massachusetts to begin with and Atwood Lake in Ohio to round things out nicely, just before it got autumnally chilly this week. I still think of swimming in that lake in Finland five years ago, as I tred water and spun around amid the irregular circle of trees.

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