Friday, July 13, 2007

It's too hot to blog

So some quick hits:

Absinthe at Spiegeltent: A must see! Really captivating acrobatic art mixed with some good ol' school falsetto channeling of singing divas spiced with some bawdy humor in one of the most amazing moveable cabaret tents around.

Surface to Air: While I usually love trips to Symphony Space (the Selected Shorts series being one of those nostalgic favorites that symbolized the bridge between my childhood and coming to New York), I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this "Summer Stock on Broadway" show. The house wasn't even half full and the show seemed to reflect that. It wasn't absolutely dreadful, but not really very winning either. There wasn't enough humor to balance out the weighty subject matter and the shouting match between father and son toward the end was too long. Plus, as M. noted, the play squandered the one moment of climactic pathos it might've been able to squeak out.

Transformers: I don't think I would've gone to see this on my own, but I have to say it beat my expectations. Which isn't saying much. Just that it's better than horrible. There were enough moments where you could tell the filmmakers were able to poke fun at themselves and the genre to make you remember the absurdity of it all, such as the scene where the soldier is trying to get a hold of the Pentagon and he gets routed through a call center in India. And the part on the teenagers' date when the lead actor whips out the "more than meets the eye" line. That seemed to separate the audience into those who grew up in the '80s and those who didn't. But the climactic fight scene was too long. (Then again, I usually think so when it comes to action movies. Hence why I'm more likely to see them accidentally than on purpose.)

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The first time I'm mentioned on your blog:-P hah- we've reached new heights.