Sunday, June 03, 2007

Recent highlights

Massive, space-carving, slightly dizzying Richard Serra steel sculptures in the garden, second floor and sixth floor galleries of the MoMA, along with a feature on Picasso's Les Demoisells d'Avignon at 100. ... Celluloid Skyline exhibit at Grand Central Terminal, including some great "reality" footage of New York circa many, many years ago and some original faux backdrops used in movies like North by Northwest (the scene at the UN). Oh, and a repeat visit to the Whispering Gallery outside Oyster Bar (still works). ... Sushi, tea and beer in the East Village: Shiki Kitchen, Sympathy for the Kettle, Stillwater. ... Thai and ice cream in the West Village: Isle, Mary's Dairy. ... RELATED: The Serra Tilted Arc kerfuffle.

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