Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Building talk at 125th and Lenox

During my early years in New York (OK, that's stretching it a bit, I realize), I spent many a bus-waiting moment at the corner of Lenox Ave. and 125th St., often staring up at that big, mostly vacant edifice that took up the southwest corner and for much of the time acted mostly as a billboard for Adidas or whatever. Headed over to meet H. at El Paso in SpaHa on the bus tonight, I actually did a double take when I realized ... it's gone! The multistory building that used to house several shuttered shops is no more. All that remains is a thin layer of rubble. (Kind of like the one behind my apartment building lately.) So what's going up there? I'm so out of the loop these days I don't even know if it's been mentioned on you-know-where. And even though I spend so little time over in that neighborhood now, I have to hope it won't lay fallow as long as the old Harlem Park site has.

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