Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend quick pics

>> The latest Lady Chatterly: Cesar award-winning French version of a famous British story, U.S. premiere at Tribeca, wider release in June.
>> The Vik Muniz exhibit at P.S. 1. Amazingly detailed and really rather funny homages to famous images captured in diamonds, caviar, a warehouse full of junk, clouds, little plastic soldiers, lint, dust, vending machine trinkets, wire, peanut butter and jelly, ink droplets, chocolate.
>> The Hoax: Great performance by Richard Gere, and a fun caper that ultimately sheds some light on a lesser known Watergate detail.
>> Trailer for Across the Universe. Releasing in September.
>> Bistro Ten 18. Not a Columbia neighborhood college bar as I'd initially understood, but all the better.

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