Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Four days, four new (to me) dinner spots

Sunday: El Paso Taqueria - East 104th and Lex in Spanish Harlem. Delicious enchiladas. L. sympathetically mourns for my avocado allergy while neighboring diners chow down on the fresh guac.

Monday: Petite Abeille - West 17th btwn Fifth and Sixth near Union Square. Menu is full of meat and seafood dishes, as you might expect from a French place, but W. makes a go of it after asking politely for the veggie options. We split a framboise. Salade nicoise arrives with a substantial helping of white tuna.

Tuesday: Tello Ristorante - West 19th btwn Seventh and Eighth in Chelsea. The crazy waiter H. promised me is not working, but the Italian food, ordered from oversized menus like out of a cartoon, is crazy good. Fried zucchini, one of my new favorites, and rigatoni with sweet sausage, tomatoes and peas. Yum.

Wednesday: The Holy Basil - Second btwn Ninth and 10th in the East Village. This Thai place, just a stone's throw from L.'s new crash pad, stands apart for being up a flight of stairs and set in what looks like it might've been a big old apartment with high ceilings back in the day. Dimly lit, but in a good way. If it were a date, I'd've called it romantic. Was feeling in a comfort food mood, so I stuck with the pad thai and wasn't disappointed. Satays for starters and Singhas to sip.

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