Sunday, March 04, 2007

Endangered species

I didn't think these folding-door phone booths still existed in the wild. What a find! Spotted on a walk down West End Avenue. For as much time as I end up spending on the Upper West Side, I so rarely ever find a reason to venture over that way (Riverside Park isn't my favorite). I felt like I was the only single person on the street this afternoon. Every other walker seemed to be part of a couple or a family or a group, many of whom looked to be heading off to parties or gatherings, clutching presents, wearing costumes. Then I had a Gentile dope slap moment when I realized: It's Purim.

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Berry said...

Yeah I think there are a few left in the city (I'm sure someone out there has an accurate count). Much better than the exposed booths where you can't hear anything and they get all grungy from the soot in the city. I always notice them when they pop up as well.