Wednesday, February 14, 2007


In the tradition of resyFEED:

Moran's -- 212 732 2020 -- two rings, we've got a prix fixe tonight, 7 works, you know we're downtown at 103 Washington, right?

So it's not the hippest of joints. At least it has a fireplace, and making a reservation evidently got us the prime spot right in front of the hearth. L. and I made last-minute plans to have a non-Valentine's Valentine's night dinner, braving the slushy, blustery wilderness of what I've seen being referred to recently as FiDi, aka the greater Wall Street area -- or my old favorite, NoBaT (north of the Battery tunnel). The comfortable bar food was decent to a cut-above, the place was warm, the company was great, and the tavern, where I've drank before in bloggier times, was just busy enough to avoid feeling empty.

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