Sunday, February 25, 2007

Swimming to Minetta Lane

W. and I checked out Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell, a posthumous collection of the monologuist's work that mostly manages to avoid getting in the way of Gray's words. There might be some kinks to work out before it opens March 6, but it was a satisfying show. I never saw Gray live and haven't seen his personal movies either, but I've heard what an impact he had on the form for which he became so strongly known. This show gave me a sense of his humor, insight, vulnerability and strength, and how he used those aspects of himself to captivate on stage. Richard Kind, whom we remembered as "Paul" from "Spin City," guest starred this week, including last night and today. It's at the Minetta Lane Theatre, around the corner from where I took this afternoon shot.

Other highlights of the evening: Dinner at Cafe Centosette, which was a new-to-us Italian place in the East Village, if not THE new-to-me Italian place I had in mind on the phone, and then couldn't find again; and drinks at the East Side Company Bar, which has really gotten kind of overrun since last I visited more than a year and a half ago, but still manages to maintain its fun, secluded, laid-back atmosphere. And it didn't hurt that we snagged a table for two just after finishing our first drinks. I had a gimlet and some gin fixes garnished with berries, still as well mixed as I remember even amid the hubbub of the bar.

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spuddysan said...

Thank you for the review.
I am the webmaster of for his Estate. We would be interested in posting your comments/review on the site, with full credit and your full maintenance of copyright.
It is especially interesting as you are a Spalding 'virgin' so to speak.
Please just go to the site and click on 'contact' - that goes to me. And you can give me permission.
Thank you