Sunday, February 18, 2007

L train disappoints, among other things

You know it's been a lame night at the bar when you're actually excited to go check out the new L train signs at around midnight. So imagine my disappointment when I learn that they haven't installed the next-train-will-arrive-in-x-minutes signage in every station, just the big ones. Perhaps I wasn't reading those stories closely enough: Did they mention this fact? And tonight was a night we could've used such a sign. The train was forever in arriving, then -- and I guess the sign wouldn't have told us this -- it took forever to get from 3rd Avenue to 8th. Like forever as in I could've walked across the island quicker. Sure, it was fun to see M. and her crew again, but it wasn't the same without K., and I'd had my first drink at 6, back in 55 Bar where I saw Kate McGarry's first set at the early show. What a great little bar. I guess I should've known I wouldn't be able to make it the whole night, even having drank a lot of water in the interim. And on top of that, the Croc is just not my scene. And when have I ever actually met anyone interesting in a loud Saturday-night bar? Sure, interesting people go to such places, but I don't usually meet them there. At least it's a three-day weekend, and there's more leisure time to be had tomorrow (well, technically, today) and Monday.

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