Friday, February 02, 2007

BP Presents Four-Scored

So it turns out the BP was not the oil company, but short for Brooklyn Philharmonic. Another interesting show at BAM last night. Four singers, all of whom I knew, but who turned out to be pretty different in style, performed songs with Kings County's very own orchestra. (Think of the video from GnR's "November Rain," but less over the top.) Out of all of them, it turned out that the wonderfully talented and goofy Nellie McKay, who opened the show, used the format to the greatest advantage. Laurie Anderson and Suzanne Vega were appealing, but didn't play along with the orchestra for half of their sets. And Joan Osborne, while still showing she has a great set of pipes, surprised at least one person in the audience by revealing that she went all motown/R&B pastiche at some point: her band's orchestrations were too predictable and cookie-cutter to be enjoyable. They could've dispensed with the orchestra and just played some synth sounds, it was that cheesy. Still, I like seeing programs like this one that take risks and experiment with traditional concert formats.

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