Friday, February 16, 2007

Avenue Montaigne

In these days of perpetual hype and omnipresent media, it's refreshing to know you can still hear the barest amount about a movie, take a little risk, fork over your money on a Friday night, sit down in the theater and hope for the best. Or just hope for a little entertainment. That's exactly what we got tonight with this French film, which isn't being advertised as Orchestra Seats, even though it's Fauteuils d'orchestre, but as Avenue Montaigne instead. A small matter. This bubbly ensemble piece is cute and charming without feeling too contrived or cloying. And it stars Sydney Pollack, acting in something other than that silly Cingular ad ("Is my directing interrupting your phone call?") before the trailers. Sure, it exists in a Paris -- nary a chain store in sight -- that American Francophiles imagine exists enticingly, waiting to be discovered, but isn't that what you hope for in the movies sometimes?

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