Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10 Mount Morris Park West

I stopped by a part of Harlem I haven't visited as much in the past year, and which I probably won't be seeing much of anymore after Saturday, and thought I'd check out that old prison they're turning into con-dos. Seems to be coming along nicely. Corcoran-approved banner out front? Check. Website with sufficiently hip lounge music? Check. Street-level glass-door entry to a unit's kitchen and dining room? Uh, check? I understand there used to be some flashing that went on from this building, but do they have to keep that spirit alive?

It seems pretty rare to have an apartment with such a direct connection to the sidewalk. How hard is it going to be to sell that ground-floor unit? Do people really want to a see-into eating area on West 121st Street? Suggested pitch line: Get that sidewalk-cafe feeling every day! Whether you like it or not!


Anonymous said...

Actually, that partment is sold already.
And it is going to have a little fenced area with a gate around the door, with vegitation to hide the window, not unlike many brownstones around the city..

Anonymous said...


May I ask how you got this information? Which ground floor unit are you referring to? It looks like there are two.