Wednesday, January 31, 2007

That big jackrabbit I take to work every day

There's a cute new "art card" in some of the subways right now. It's not up on the MTA's Web site yet, but it's in the same vein as the whimsical ones of the past. It shows a big long rabbit carrying smaller commuting New Yorkers on its back, with a saddle/apron-type thing that has all the famous 1s and As and Ns and Rs and 4s and 5s printed on it. There are slivers of two other rabbits seen in the picture, which is set against an amalgam of the city. The Triboro and other bridges (some of which are actually run by the MTA) and rivers and street lamps and such. The new Hearst Corp. tower near Columbus Circle is represented, as well as what looks a lot like the Starett-Lehigh Building in Chelsea, and two big thick buildings that might or might not represent the Twin Towers are right behind the big bunny. Look for it! And hold on to that ear!

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