Sunday, January 07, 2007

Our blog archives are the selves you weren't yet around to know

So many of my blog posts have been vacuous recently, I feel the need to reflect for a moment: When you meet someone new, it's like drawing a point on a page and extending a line in one direction. Maybe it's a continous line, more likely it's dotted or dashed. But it goes in just one direction: the one way time is all dragging us. But then there are blogs (or journals or letters or books or stories before them). Unedited, they sit out there in cyberspace, inviting you to find out what it was like to have been there earlier. If you are really taken by a person, you might be jealous of the past for not having been there to have drawn a line through that earlier time. Or otherwise you're left feeling retrospectively paralyzed for not having been there to try to make things a little easier at the time, to offer a hand, a word or two. Each unedited, unredacted post is potentially a letter to the future people we haven't met yet.


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