Thursday, January 25, 2007

One Pretty Good Docu Under God

So I downloaded onto my iPod and watched all six parts of the Sundance Channel's "One Punk Under God." And I really enjoyed it. It's well made, full of a lot of good life-affirming conflict and emotions, and not a soap opera that drags on forever. It's well worth watching. You can see all three hours for 10 bucks. But now that's over, I do actually kind of miss it. I want to know what happens. I kinda want to run into Jay or Amanda Bakker. I guess I need to go hang out in Brooklyn or down by NYU more often. They're small-time celebrities now. And I'd totally go up to them on the street if I saw one of them.

That said, I saw the stockbroker character from walking to the L train the other day. We totally made eye contact, but I wasn't quick enough to say hi. It would be even less weird since they know Mike Still and I'm on Mike Still's e-mail list and I've e-mailed with Thom, one of the creators, so yeah, next time I see one of them, I'm totally saying hi.

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