Thursday, January 11, 2007

'Neruda Songs'

On the subway home tonight, I listened to a really touching NPR story about the setting of five Pablo Neruda poems to music by Peter Lieberson for his wife, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, who died at such a young age last year. There's something about Neruda's work that captures people's imagination about love and passion and makes them want to incorporate it into their own art. After all, I first became aware of his poetry through that little Italian movie Il Postino in 1994, another happy story with a sad ending. I of course had to download the Lieberson piece after hearing snippets of it on the radio segment. (I just happen to have an iTunes gift card for my birthday, too.) I'm not all the way through yet, but it's pretty affecting. I'm such a sucker for well-reviewed art on public radio: Play me clips of something great or interview an author or talk up a neat exhibit, and I'm there.

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eizmarcos said...

Isn't that album so beautiful? especially with the tragedy of her passing.

for some great neruda, please check out