Sunday, January 07, 2007

Capsouto Freres

For this first time in our 12-year up-til-this-summer-mostly-long-distance friendship, K. and I got to celebrate my birthday together. We met up for a late dinner at Capsouto Freres, which is way down there in the northwest corner of Tribeca. The dining space is refreshingly open, thanks to the almost-on-the-river location, and the service was great. I had a really interesting appetizer as a part of their prix-fixe menu: Terrine Provencale, a thin layering of eggplant, zucchini, red peppers and other veggies interspersed with savory pastry. The grilled mahi-mahi, which for some reason I only ever seem to eat on special occasions, was wonderful, and the blueberry crepe topped everything off just right: that perfect feeling of having eaten just enough quality food but not too much. Plus, my decaf capp. was served with these fun little candied lemon rinds that I've never seen before. I drank a sauvignon blanc with dinner, which is really a great go-to white wine, if I'm ever in doubt. Earlier in the day, I had my first tarte flambee since Strasbourg. For whatever reason, it was listed on the bar menu in a French-themed watering hole as flammkuchen, the German word for the Alsatian standby.

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