Sunday, December 17, 2006

Springtime for Broadway

I saw Duncan Sheik's Spring Awakening again with W. on Friday night, this time on Broadway. And while I had some reservations about the show the first time around, the slightly tweaked version feels more whole and less problematic. The frenetic choreography feels like it's been toned down to just the right amount and timing, although that may just be my bad memory. Plus, they managed to recreate the intimate feeling of the original set in the former church building in Chelsea. The show offers a fun, intense, touching and very tuneful night at the theater. The house was packed, post positive reviews, mostly it seemed with people under the age of 25. The show takes some risks, and it's a little more R-rated now, but they pay off, turning that hint of uncomfortableness we and the characters feel into truth. Plus, it's great to be able to leave a theater with several of the songs in your head, while also being able to pick up on subtleties in the book. Perhaps some of the reviews were hyperbole, but this really is a refreshing addition to the Broadway line-up. It feels like art as much as it does entertainment.

Also, Brantley seems to agree with me on the idea that the best part of Apple Tree is the beginning. Oh, and in part 3, Kristin C.'s supposed to be Jayne Mansfield, not Marilyn Monroe, apparently.

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