Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It's one of those novellas that's actually better as a movie. The book by Steve Martin's not all that bad, but it doesn't really add much if you've seen the movie, and whereas the movie knows when to end, the book goes on for about a dozen pages too long, threatening to ruin what goodwill it built up previously.


Jaime said...

Well you can't really judge the book properly if your criteria is whether or not it adds anything if you've already seen the movie. I read the book first, and while I loved the movie, I thought the character arcs were clearer in the book, and the relationship between the older man and the girl (it's been too long to remember names) was drawn better. A lovely movie, yes, but I think the book just works better.

Jeremy said...

I guess most of the book was satisfying. The end just disappointed.