Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saturday morning chain letter

It's been a lonely week since Boxing Day, so why not reply over the ether to a chain letter from Jaime? (I guess I'm the someone she knows a little.) It involves books. And really with interweb chain letters, there's not even the pain of postage involved, so here are the rules:

Find the nearest book
Name the title and author
Turn to p. 123
Post sentences 6-8
Tag 3 more people

The Dissident by Nell Freudenberger (a Christmas present that I'm excited to read after I finish The Emperor's Children, another gift)

"Gordon agreed with her, but somehow he'd managed to show his distaste for it without actually offering an alternative. / She figured that Max had slipped out around eleven, just after she'd said good night and before they turned on the alarm. Gordon had already been in bed, wearing his Brooks Brothers pajamas and reading the AJP."

I like those last details. I guess I'll have to actually read the book to find out which American Journal ... that means.

So I tag: Fake Mustache. Caren. Kottke.

(I've met Meg, but can't remember meeting the man himself.)

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