Monday, December 04, 2006

The love lives of public-radio music directors

It's nothing new for shock jocks to talk about their love lives on the radio, but there's something very sweet and innocent about a classical music DJ doing the same. George Preston, music director of WNYC, is hosting tonight as the public radio station does its Must Have Festival. Just before spinning a recording from Turandot -- specifically the last pages of music Puccini wrote on this earth, which just happen to include "Nessun dorma," some of his most beautiful music ever -- Preston mentioned that he's fond of this section personally, because of one time when he was "courting" a woman, had her and some friends over to listen to some opera -- as Eddie Izzard would say: "You know, like you do" -- and their eyes met over this tune and he knew they wouldn't be in the "friend category" for very much longer. The famous aria was only one part, but here: Go woo someone with this YouTube clip of Pavarotti. No worries if it also makes you want to go play some World Cup soccer.

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