Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Juggling Apples

There really wouldn't have been any other way to arrange the three stories in The Apple Tree, opening this week at Roundabout's Studio 54, I realize that. I mean, the stories go from Adam and Eve through sometime in the middle to the '60s of Marilyn and Lennon, and how could they have done it in reverse? (Could they?) It makes sense chronologically, and I guess you'd rather leave the audience with a smile instead of a tear, but still. As much as I thought the whole performance -- each story featuring Kristin Chenoweth, her ex-fiance Marc Kudisch and Brian D'Arcy James -- was pretty decent and inviting, I got the most character development and emotion from the opening story, which is based on Mark Twain's The Diary of Adam and Eve. The other two, while amusing and filled with some fun references in book, acting and music, just kind of seem lightweight and caricaturish after you've seen the first one, which ended up being rather touching and downright human.

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