Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday night workaholic* update

Ugh. Left work at 7:50 or so this evening. I repeat: Ugh. It's not like I want to be there that late, time just has a way of zipping by without my noticing. Which I guess is better than the alternative: bored clock watching. I've actually been OK with just going home the past three nights, because I'm so exhausted I can't even lift a finger to see a free show or nag a friend to hang out. Luckily, I have Friday off (of my own choice), so only one more day and then I can allow my social life to come back into the picture. Still, not all that bad of a way to end the evening: a nice multicourse (OK, multiplate) candlelit dinner for one, purchased from Fairway and prepared by yours truly. Proving once again that yes, I do cook at home for myself (I deserve a gold star, don't I?) even when there's no one to share it with. Broiled salmon, salad, fresh French bread with mozzarella slices on top (Fr-italian! Just like those DD's commercials), and Australian cabernet (so what if it's just Yellow Tail ... in a pinch, it's great). So I'm glad there was too much traffic on Fifth Avenue for tonight's Rock Center tree lighting, because it forced the cabbie through the park and into Fairway-land. Yum!

* Doing my best not to be one.

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