Friday, November 10, 2006

Two for the road

It's late on a Friday night, and I'm too lazy to tell you exactly why these movies are so great, but go see Running with Scissors and Stranger Than Fiction at your local googolplex. Tell 'em Jeremy sent ya. They'll probably look at you funny, but at least you'll be in line for some good film action.

UPDATE: What do these movies have in common? Kristin Chenoweth, aka the original Glinda from Wicked, has bit parts in both of them. She's also in Deck the Halls, that horrible-looking Christmas movie.

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Ellen said...

Holy cow. I saw both those movies and I didn't even pick up on the Chenoweth commonality. She also had cameos in last summer's "Bewitched" and this year's "The Pink Panther" -- looks like she's making better choices now.