Thursday, November 30, 2006

Table, view for one

Another long day. End of the month. Paycheck. Day off tomorrow. Shifting gears next week. No one around. I decided to treat myself tonight. Walked across CPS and up to the front door of the Mandarin Oriental. The Lobby Lounge, while admittedly overpriced, offers a movie-like view of the city from the (sort of) 35th floor. (Sort of, because I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that there aren't actually 31 floors between 3 and 35, people just like to feel like they're higher up). A ginger-infused mojito and a panini and the chocolate-dipped strawberries the ladies at the next table left behind and offered to me on their way out, sitting in a bed of sweet white sugar pebbles. The view is somewhat marred by the constant in-your-face flickering of the CNN sign on an adjacent building (it is in the Time Warner Center after all), although maybe that was just my particular seat. The last time I visited here I was secretly bitter about the situation, but this time it was totally my own choice. A chance to kick back, to do it because-it's-there, because-I-can. I don't usually act like this, so indulgent without anyone to share it with, but no regrets this evening. Except maybe if you count the fact that I've now memorized CNN's evening line-up against my will.

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