Sunday, November 26, 2006

The slow fade of love*

I found a lost cell phone on the steps of Low Library in Columbia today. Well, some other girls actually found it, and asked B. and me whether it was one of ours. So I picked it up and started flicking through the names in the contact list. I considered ringing one of the people up, but figured a text message would be better. But how do you choose who to contact? I was really tempted to send a text to the person labeled "Che Bella." But I ultimately settled on a msg to "Dad," hoping of course that the owner of the cell phone isn't horribly estranged from said father and the text msg of a stranger causes a family incident. If you're out there Mr/Ms Cell Phone Owner, I left it with the CU security guard at Broadway and 116.

*This is from a Rilo Kiley lyric -- thank you, Sarah -- and has no relation to this other moment from my Sunday, except that it's been a pleasant earworm since the song popped up on my iPod about 4 p.m.


FakeMustache said...

"Che Bella" is a pizza joint on Amsterdam Ave. :-P

Jeremy said...

Doh! Proof positive that I did not go to Columbia.