Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Odyssey to Penelope

At long last, through many squandered attempts to eat at the great East Side hearth known as Penelope (at 30th and Lex), H. and I made it this afternoon, and there was no wait, and they sat us, and we dined on brunch foods and admired the comfort-filled ambiance, and it was good. Their pumpkin waffles with dried cranberries and apple butter and sprinkled cinnamon and drizzled maple syrup were just the kind of reward for which to be thankful after charting a rare course to Kips Bay. (OK, ok, this is getting cheesy, I admit, but my compliments on the food are heart-felt.) The waffles were so delicious I was able to look beyond the fact that they'd spelled it "punkin" on the menu. Oh, and they also serve apple cider mimosas. Yum!

Also yum? The new movie version of The History Boys for those who didn't get around to seeing the Broadway version. A really excellently written and acted piece of drama. Had me wistful for England at times, although not for those brutal essay tests they so adore there.


Sarah said...

I go to Kips Bay about once every three years. Meaning that perhaps I've been there roughly 2-3 times since I've lived here. But I happened to make a trip there last night (my first visit in the dark) and I was completely transfixed by the brownstones with gas lights out front and some of the cozy apartment buildings and the Morgan Library. I felt so great there that I walked from 37th and Madison, to Gramercy Park, then to Alphabet City rather than subwaying or cabbing it.

We all know I'm in love with the Richard Meier buildings on the west side (with the rent being a whopping $15,000 a month for 1000 sf) but the Morgan Court at 211 Madison (where I can pretend I'm Sharon Stone in Sliver) is certainly a close second.

niels said...

Apple cider mimosas? Capital idea!

The pumpkin waffles sound amazing. And not too hard to make, either!