Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Wined Up pitch

I remember being reminded recently somewhere that you can get better treatment if you make the effort to remember the names of the staff at places you like to eat and drink. This may seem like some "no, duh" advice, but I find it's easy to forget that in this town of a thousand eateries and countless servers. So tonight -- as H. and I were enjoying some delicious white wine (Viognier for me, Grauer for her), sharing an appetizer of procsciutto, buffalo mozzarella, figs and pine nuts, and finishing it all off with a good old fashioned brownie and ice cream -- I decided to ask the name of our server, whom I've seen on recent visits to Punch at Broadway and 21st St., up the street from Union Square. And as we were chatting, she let us know that the owners are opening a new wine, cheese and fondue bar upstairs called Wined Up. She didn't actually spell it for us, but to spell it any other way would just be wrong. It's supposed to open the second week of November.

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