Sunday, October 22, 2006

Trivial dilemma of the moment

So I hit up the Whitney today to see the Hopper and Picasso & American Art exhibits (which were great, btw), and I noticed a fellow museumgoer had a little sticker on the back of her sweater. You know, one of those tags the dry cleaners affix with a safety pin to keep track of whose stuff is whose. I know it's only marginally worse than having your tag sticking out, but do you go to the trouble of telling the person? Or do you just ignore it, and the person can go home and likely not even realize that she had it sticking out the whole day?

Inevitably, such moments remind me of my freshman English instructor, who spent almost the entire class with a sticker from the Gap on her shirt (one that said her clothing size over and over again in vertical) until one of my friends quietly pointed it out to her. It's funny what you remember from certain classes. The other thing I remember about her is that she made us read a book by Dr. Laura.

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