Sunday, October 08, 2006

Requiem aeternam

Emotional day. Began it with a sad phone call, then a short glass of vodka and orange juice, listening to Faure's Requiem, up there with some of the most beautiful and heartbreaking music ever composed, remembering a great man. Tears on the subway, followed by smiles, and a series of stunning views from atop 7 World Trade Center, the Midtown skyline framed and arrayed so perfectly, the 360-degree feeling of being in the heart of the city, high above the idling swarm of motorcycles below. Coffee and a bagel with cream cheese at Wow. Another call, more stories. Life brought into sharp relief. Trying to see more clearly. Stopping by the office, seeing them putting in the elaborate flower arrangements that change weekly. Retelling some more memories, the things that made him special. Inside crowded St. Patrick's, more flowers, lighting a candle, closing my eyes, kneeling, blocking out the world, hearing it around me, writing names on an envelope. Drinks at the Living Room in the W. Pizza at John's on Bleecker. Cupcakes at Magnolia. Chatting about sports and politics, about the country and its breadth and what it holds. More drinks at Central Bar. Playoff baseball. Another friend, a glass of water, a walk around the park, a look back over nearly a century. Riding uptown, back by midnight. The moon, my key in the side door. The ticking clock, the humming fridge, the tap of keys, the pain in my arm, a sneeze, the remnants of tears, the promise of sleep.

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