Sunday, October 29, 2006

In no particular order

What a blustery weekend. Didn't let it keep me inside. Getting out, using those free museum admissions. The colors on the trees, the shading of the sky in Brooklyn. Farmer's market at Grand Army Plaza. Joyce Bakeshop in Prospect Heights. The trains forever testing your patience. A great new book: The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton. Tip o' the hat to Studio 360, as usual. Moving van: Manhattan Valley to Astoria. The view of the sky from down below the two seats. The wind sacrificing the particle-board bedframe. Watching a gritty scene unfold from the window of Dunkin' Donuts. Back to Rice in Dumbo, not as crowded, just as yummy. "The Richest Chocolate Cupcake in Brooklyn." Ginger lemonade, ginger candy. The chilly, but stunning view from the Fulton Ferry Landing, my first time there at night. A decaf cup o' joe in the Bklyn Ice Cream Factory. The elevator at Clark Street. Hearing about 1921 hallucinations brought on by carbon monoxide poisoning. The forlorn-looking ex-car wash and the question of what the future holds.

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