Thursday, September 28, 2006

One run, no hits

That was the Yankees' box score at one point this evening during a weird game -- my first ever at The House That Ruth Built as well as my first live baseball game in quite a while -- in which the only way the hometown team seemed able to get on base was through the mistakes of the Orioles, who'd racked up three errors but several runs by then. Overall, it was a fun night, a good authentic New York experience to notch up, even though my fandom has waned quite a bit since the Phillies lost the World Series in 1993. Breezy, but not too cold. Overpriced domestic beer and peanuts and a good view from up behind home plate and some loudmouth but good-spirited fans sitting behind us. And the ride home -- D to the A -- was so easy it makes me wish I was actually a Yankees fan.

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