Thursday, September 21, 2006

33 Union Square West

Watching Ric Burns' typically excellent documentary on Andy Warhol tonight, I was fascinated to learn that it was actually on the sixth floor of the Decker Building, where Union Square Wines used to be before it moved earlier this year, that Warhol was shot, after riding up in the elevator with his would-be assassin, then had to be carried down the steps by the paramedics, and was basically declared dead by some in the ER before he was revived and underwent a successful five-hour surgery. And that Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated days afterward, as Andy was recovering in the hospital, going in and out of consciousness, unsure of whether he himself were alive or dead.
Streetscapes/33 Union Square West; Islamic/Venetian Sliver, With Minaret [NYT]
Decker Building, 33 USW [NYCJPG]

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