Friday, August 04, 2006

Update: Jodie Foster in Hudson Heights

Movie set light balloon
Coming home tonight after a great free hour-long outdoor set by Hot Chip with Kara at the Seaport Music Festival—the air finally cooled down to a bearable level, the smell of salt water wafting in from time to time—I happened upon the reality that is a major motion picture in production: trucks of all kinds, miles of cables, crew members, onlookers galore, etc. Jodie Foster was indeed there, although it took me a while to see her. She was sitting in one of those director chairs with the name of the movie (The Brave One) emblazoned across the back. She's got a very short funky haircut for this role, and she put on a black leather jacket when shooting started. The scene was not the most exciting in the world: They kept doing takes of her striding into a Broadway side entrance of Fort Tryon Apartments, looking like a woman with a purpose (the movie's supposedly about revenge); I watched it from one of the directing team's monitors. I couldn't get close enough to snap a good photo of Jodie herself, but I did take some shots of these massive tethered light balloons (above) that float just out of camera range. Even when it's night in the movies, you need a whole lot of light.


Nikka said...

I can't tell - exactly where is this shot taken?

Jeremy said...

On the west side of Broadway below 194th St.