Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The other, slightly better Room Service Thai

Another Wednesday, another dinner with Heather at a restaurant called Room Service Thai. This is the Chelsea one that I mentioned two weeks ago. It's on Eighth Avenue between 18th and 19th, and it's the slightly more upscale of the two, although not so much that I'd think of them in different price categories. It's bigger, more plush with the hotel-themed decor, and the food is a touch better. The music is also a little louder, although I didn't really notice this until I went to the bathroom and it was like being in a club, which isn't so bad when you're by yourself and not going anywhere. We opted to sit by the window for the waning light, and I found myself dabbing my brow just a bit; as if on cue, they came over with a glass of ice in a small attempt to keep us cool. Monday through Thursday, they have a happy hour, with BOGO Singhas and $5/6 cocktails. I'd recommend both the Chelsea version and the East Village one, but if you're going to make the trip, you might as well check out the one on Eighth Avenue. Still, it is a little funny that there are two places that serve the same kind of cuisine and have the same name. Perhaps they decided to cut corners on the market research, and pass along the savings to the customer.

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