Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beach reads

Conclusions after being off the grid for three and a half days: Gmail's spam filter has some cracks in it, but it's still better than Yahoo's. Being away from e-mail for a little while is a good thing, if painful at first. But at least there's always text messaging.

Read while on or near the fine sand of Sea Isle City: An academic paper on H. James' criticism of N. Hawthorne using new English translations of a French literary critic contemporary of Hawthorne. [Thank you, M.A.] That recent big fat issue of Glamour. [Thanks, Kim and co.] Starting from Square Two. [Thanks, Caren.] And a wonderfully rich and complex set of five short stories about ex-pat American women in India and Southeast Asia called Lucky Girls by Nell Freudenberger. [Whom I don't know in person. Yet.]

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