Monday, July 03, 2006

USQ Wines

There's a funky new way to sample wine down at the new location of Union Square Wines & Spirits, Fourth Avenue and 13th Street, on the opposite corner of the block from the Virgin Megastore. It's called the Enomatic wine serving system, and it's basically like having a perpetual self-serve wine tasting. If a woman behind the counter is to be believed, it's the only one in the Northeast. You sign up for a free card with a microchip, and then you're free to sample any of the wines that are on offer at the three tasting machines around the store—typically two for reds, and one for whites and roses. For each 15 milliliter sample of wine, you give up anywhere from 10 to 40 points on your card. You add points to the card by either visiting the store each month or actually buying some wine. It would probably be a fun prelude to an evening out somewhere in the neighborhood. Of course, any tasting is only as good as the wines on offer, and when B. and I visited recently, we weren't blown away by the samples. I went back this evening, and had a little more luck. There was one really tasty Rhone rose from Chateau Guiot [4th down here], which I decided to buy. Much to my chagrin, I later realized I'd purchased another bottle of the same wine I had at home—but hadn't tasted yet. At least now I know I have two bottles of a decent wine for the drinking.

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