Saturday, July 08, 2006

Starchitect sighting

I took a walk through Tribeca after work Friday. There was a whole lot of it that was new to me. My strolls uptown usually take me along Broadway or closer to the river, but this time I split the difference and was rewarded with many fresh sights. Lots of glamorous-looking people out and about in one of Manhattan's richest nabes.

On the way, I saw neighborhood resident Daniel Libeskind and his wife walking out of Bouley Bakery on West Broadway, several bags in hand. In honor of this sighting, I give you a three-year-old rendering of what might've been at the WTC site. Yes, the positioning of the buildings is basically the same, but little about the old Freedom Tower design remains, except of course for the 1,776 feet and the presence of a spire at the top. But Danny's tower would've looked a lot more like the Statue of Liberty than Davie's will, even though they continue to insist on drawing the same comparison.

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