Sunday, July 30, 2006

Orange Lemon Egg Canary at P.S. 122

So if there were an award for best Off-Off-Broadway performance delivered while hanging upside down and appearing to have been impaled upon a spike, it would have to go to Aubrey Dollar, who somehow managed to deliver lines pretty well while in this compromised position. I just don't see many magic shows, or I probably would've known about this "Impaled" illusion. Either way, this show managed to weave actual magic tricks, from pre-curtain through the climax, into a well-acted and well-crafted if imperfect story about three magicians and the power struggle/love triangle that ensues. A ghost of a magician's assistant provides an extra layer to the action, stepping in and out of the magicians' stage created at the center of the performance space. I really liked the set overall; it reminded me of a deconstructed vaudeville theater. The playwright was Rinne Groff, and sadly, the show closed this weekend. Oh, and Julia Stiles was in attendance at Saturday's 5pm show. She came by herself. She was greeted by one of the actresses after the play was over while waiting in the bathroom line, but it was a brief conversation. I kept waiting for her to smile at some point, but she wore something like a scowl whenever I caught a glimpse of her face.


Molecular Turtle said...

sounds kinda neat. Definitely something to check out

Jaime said...

Rinne Groff is a superfantastic playwright. (It's not enough I praise her on my own blog, I have to start doing it in other people's comments?) Glad you liked it.